Friday, 17 January 2014

one day, quite seriously, as i
was eating ice cream and pie,
my friend told me in a tone i will
never forget:

‘the dangers are going extinct’

i was admittedly quite
but he repeated himself
afraid that i had not heard
him the first time

‘the dangers are going extinct’
he said, and his eyes were
a little bloodshot, as if he had
only just awoken from a deep

‘the cliffs are not so high up
the oceans shallower than they were
fire is cooler than i remember
and even the darkness is
not so dark anymore.’

he said.

i did not know
how to react to
such a pronouncement

after all, the knife
i had used to slice
myself some pie
remained as deadly sharp
as it did when i first used it

how to tell him
that if i stabbed him
at that very moment
with that knife
on which i could still see
bits of apple crumble
and the faintest smidgen
of vanilla
he would still die.

i could not bring myself to,
so i showed him. i cut open
his heart, and ate it raw

and resumed eating my pie.
he knows now, i think,

that i, Danger, still live.

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