Saturday, 5 January 2013

Words in Chains

Write your words on twilight paper
Keep them away from the deep blue night
Read them by the light of a thin brown taper
Never let them wander out of your sight
They live in the wild, with bears and with sharks
They will not stay safe, surrounded by walls
Their home is the dangerous, the deadly, the dark
They won’t hark to any of your calls

                                                                So you must
Trap them with honey and glamour and wit
Chain them down with whispers and gold
Tie them together with bootstraps and spit
And don’t let them go ‘til their stories are told

The words of the wild dance for the sea
They sing only to the moon and the stars
To make them listen to you and to me
You must cage them behind adamantine bars

The fables they spin are more wondrous than whales
Use them with wisdom and you’ll not go wrong
The work of the wordsmith is to assemble her tales
Words only fear strength; you must be strong

Write down your words on twilight paper
Keep them away from the deep blue night
Teach them how to obey their shaper
They won’t go down without a fight.
this comes from anger and betrayal. once i wrote well. now i don't write at all.

(Stake them, drown them, stab them in the back
Break their necks and hang them from the trees
Stretch their souls on a silvershine rack
Cover them with honey and throw them to the bees)

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DesertRose said...

This, is sheer poetry.
Loved it.