Monday, 21 May 2012


i write things that are not true,
but that makes them sound like
they are lies
and they are not lies.

i dunno, fiction is fiction,
but it can also be true
and not true
and weird.

magic, i am thoroughly convinced
in minds and hearts and souls
(specifically ours,
 yours and mine
 and everyone else’s, too).

it is there, in the dark
in the light
in words, in sleep
in fire, and rain.

it is always there.
magic exists,
but even if it doesn’t, it can still
be true.
do not ask me to explain.
i cannot.
it is just a thing.
magic is there.

it is true.


i wrote this in july of last year. it's been sitting in my computer, and i thought i might as well put it up here. i don't know what it means. if you think you do, please tell me. i would like to understand this. i might even get better at writing it.

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