Saturday, 25 February 2012


Once we were a roaring fire
But now we are embers
Mostly spent,
Our last few sparks
Trying desperately to once more
Illuminate the void.

What if
We became lightbulbs?


the non-rhyming bug bit me again. i will try to stop this from becoming a trend.


Shiromi * said...

I love it. Your bug and the poem.

s said...

I am very much scared of non-rhyming poetry. It puts so much pressure on being meaningful. I just want to write funny things! That hopefully rhyme and have meter.

Shiromi * said...

But these non-rhyming ones, that make you feel, are the ones that take your breath away. I mean, just saying, personally.

s said...

I completely agree. Non-rhyming poetry can take your breath away, when it is done really well. But when it's done badly, it can really suck.

Poetry has rules, and you can break those rules, but if you do it's on you to justify the fact that you have. I'm always unsure that my poems are good enough that they don't need rhyme. If it was good enough for Shakespeare and Frost, it should be good enough for me.

This is a great (sort of rhyming) poem by Dylan Thomas about why he writes poetry.