Friday, 20 May 2011

To Break a Bow

As Rama did the impossible and lifted the bow, wondering what all the fuss was about, he was overtaken by something else. This was almost like the first time, when he had killed Tataki, but this feeling was so much more.

Power. All that he knew was power. All of creation laid bare for him to do with as he pleased. The entire world ready to do his bidding, if he but thought about it. There was nothing but power in him, and he would destroy any who challenged him. The bow in his hands was an insult to his stature. How dare the Destroyer pretend to his throne? He was the greatest of the Three. He had come down to the Earth six times before, and he would do so three times again. Brahma and Shiva were nothing. Nothing! And with a single movement, he destroyed the bow that Vishwakarma had made for Shiva. Only one weapon was allowed to be so powerful, and that was his Sudarshana chakra.

He looked around, seeing the eyes of humans and the looks on their faces; aghast, amazed. And then his eyes landed on one pair that was neither. It was calculating, cold, and reminded him of only one other. This was one of Prajapati’s Seven! He dared to meet the eyes of the Preserver, as if he was an equal! The presumptuousness! And his plans, the ones he had woven around every unsuspecting one of his devotees, the ones that no doubt the rest of his blasted brotherhood had more of, they were finally laid bare to him. This would be a lesson none would forget. The annals of history would echo with the mournful cries of this pathetic mortal -

And then another pair of eyes caught his attention. Ones that were deeper than any he had known. Lakshmi. And in a dark corner of his mind, there was a whisper. Sita, it said. Sita Janaki Vaidehi. What in the-

Sita. She Who Was Born in the Earth. Janaki, the daughter of the King Janaka. Vaidehi, Princess of the Kingdom descended from the Moon, Videha. Maithili, Queen of the City of Mithila. Sita. Sitasitasitasitasita

And then Rama collapsed, oblivion taking him and his memories of omnipotence.


i was feeling really guilty that i had not written more, and i had this written from long ago. i really like it, ok? even if it is short, and an orphan from the rest of the story i'm supposed to be telling.