Thursday, 24 March 2011


There is a place, far, far away
And I will go there eventually some day
Where Arthur and Merlin wait for the call.
Heaven and Paradise can wait for a while
For there’s another locale where I’ll
Watch the twilit eventide fall.

Valhalla sounds nice
But it ain’t got no spice
And Nirvana’s also a state of no beer
Vaikuntham ain’t bitter
(‘Cept for that thousand-headed critter)
But there’s only one place me heart holds dear

Give me my pick
And I’ll tell you double-quick
Avalon’s the only place for me
It’s got books and it’s got beaches
No end of pineapples or peaches
And there I shall truly be free

I’ll talk to Mab and Titania
(Queens of Madness and Mania)
To Faust and to the Jabberwock too
I’ll drink at the Hilton
With Keynes and with Milton
Nothing less than the finest Scotch brew

Oh, Heaven’s not really for people like me
Angels make for boring company
Their wings and their haloes aren’t my style
I don’t want to sing Hosanna
And I crave more than just manna
Anything else would be denial

I’ll go instead
To the sleeping, not the dead
And chat up the Lady of the Lake
I’ll avoid all them duties
And chase all them beauties
In a dream from which I never shall wake.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011


Sometimes change is good
It is new and green and spring
Sometimes it is good
To hear nature newly sing

Sometimes it is hard
To see an old friend go
To see comfortable things
Disappear over the rainbow

Sometimes old is restrictive
But sometimes it is not
And sometimes it is hard
To figure out which should be forgot

But this is a change,
And it has happened,
And it is time,
To move on.

Sometimes even bad poetry can say something good.