Saturday, 11 December 2010


I have interest in naught but sleep
To sail away to where the butterflies weep
Close my eyes and leave this Earth
There is nothing here of any worth

I wish for rest till the last Day dawns
Then shall I awaken to the song of swans
Christ our Saviour may judge me then
I, the slumbering last of men

And so I'll succumb to sleep and slumber
My days not small enough to number
No more my eyes will bleed and ache
I'll give up nothing for my respite's sake

Dreams will take me to lands unknown
Make me a king on a broken throne
Satan himself will not me tempt
And only God will know of what I've dreamt

In this way I'll pass my days
Lost in visions of heavenly ways
Never to stop of life to think
And at the end, into oblivion sink

1 comment:

Sharan said...

I'm no good at judging poetry.

But I loved this.