Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Songs I'm listening to currently

Another list, though this one the ignorant reader (hopefully) won't find baffling. Does what it says on the tin. Links to youtube and other sites also provided.

Make Me Wanna Die - The Pretty Reckless
Ok, when I first listened to this, it was on the soundtrack of Kick-Ass (totally epic. Eleven year old foul mouthed bad-ass superheroine. I would marry that girl, if she weren't liable to chop my head off. Nicolas Cage is EPIC, for the first time in years). I did not know that the lead singer is the blond girl from Gossip Girl. Now I know who she is though, I'm downloading everything I can find off this band. Which seems to be all of four songs. I'm really hoping I'll like it.

This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us - Sparks
Also on the Kick-Ass soundtrack. Most of it is pretty cool actually. Just go listen to it. According to Wikipedia, they're a really cool band. I will check them out, once I am done with The Pretty Reckless. Good music is such fun. The title itself is a quote from a really old movie, one that Appa likes to say a lot, for any and all occasions.

Gone To Sleep - Moby & Kelli Scarr
This is the kind of music I want to listen to for the rest of my life. Dark and melodic FTW! Apparently 'twas composed in just one day. I wouldn't know if this is a long time or a short one, never having composed one myself. It is also about an intergalactic paedophile.

I am now beginning to sound like one of those people who have blogs with lots of people reading them. Eurgh. /endself-consciousness

We Looked Like Giants - Death Cab For Cutie
This has been a favourite song for a while, but I've been listening to the whole album more and more. I just really like the title, even though the song is about something totally different to (what I think) the title implies.

I Can't Stay - The Killers
Another old obsession. They had me at the first line. Everything else is a good song, but the first line. Oh, what a line.

Thok De Killi - A R Rahman (closest thing I could find to youtube)
The movie is rubbish. Watch Raavan once, for the cinematography, and try to burn Abhishek and Aishwarya out of your mind. Surpanakha is totally the only person worth watching in the film, and the star of this song. Refuses to leave my mind. Rather simplistic, yes. But mind infecting nonetheless. Gets much more exciting once you watch the film.

And when I was on the flight back home, I heard one particular band, and one song from that band, and I remember thinking 'This band is better that I give it, or it's genre, credit for.'

Luckily, I can't remember the band or the song. So clearly they can't have been that good.

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