Monday, 24 May 2010

Dear Lord

Dear Lord, I ask not for very much
Not for omniscience, or immortality, or some such
I ask merely for a load of money
To buy a house where the land is sunny
To buy myself a cool red car
So I can drive down, to where the beaches are
To be able to jet off to exotic places
Eat exotic fruit, see exotic faces
All I want is a big TV
And a gigantic safe with a miniscule key
And a load of things that go Bang! and Boom!
From which away I'll quickly zoom
On my fast overpriced bike
A Harley Davidson, or the like
Hey Lord, could you please do me a tiny favour
It's not gigantic, though you'd be a life saver
I've always wanted my own island
Not somewhere in the cold wet highland
Just an islet, minute, small
I hope that's not an order tall
I'd just like to be a little private
Along with an ocean, I'd like to dive it
And Lord, I know, you're a busy guy
But it's not like I'm asking not to die
And before I forget, and my wishes you void
It's what your wife's given me that I've really enjoyed


Swetha said...

Me like. Me want.
Put in a good word for me also?

s said...

And Lord, just wait, a post script last
I promise it won't make my wish list vast
Just double all this stuff I need
Cause I've got friends with mouths to feed

does that work? :P

also, Hi!

Swetha Sridhar said...

Brilliant. Just perfect!!
And Hi back =)