Friday, 30 April 2010

Mr Ebert, Your Opinion Sucks

If you are an internet geek, and read either Roger Ebert, with whom I agree most, if not all, of the time, or know anything about videogames on the internet, you will have come across this article, and much more recently, this article. I, like many, many, many of my brethren who enjoy, love and admire videogames, and are in awe of the people who make them, would like to respectfully disagree. The problem, of course, is that you can't really define what art is. You can identify something as being art or not art, but defining why you think so is rather difficult. Why is the Ode to Joy art? If it is art, why isn't Hit Me Baby One More Time? They're both music.

There is no point in me going on and on about it. I am just here to say, videogames can be art, and have been art, and will be art. Anyone who stereotypes videogames as being about mindlessness, whether about killing, or racing, or solving weird puzzles, has clearly never enjoyed playing a videogame in his or her entire life.

In the end, he asks why gamers care whether games are art or not. While it is true that in the perfect world we wouldn't, we ain't in the perfect world. Saying that we could never belong to that elite club of art people only makes us more infuriated, because we do want to be taken seriously.

Videogames can be art. Play Braid. Braid is art. It is difficult, and thoughtful, and art. Play KotOR. IT has a terrific story, is a great deal of fun, and offers just as much to think about as the Star Wars movies. If they're art, KotOR is definitely art.

In a bit, I shall post my favourite videogames and why I love 'em. Go away, you people who think videogames are sad. You lack intelligence.


Sreya said...

This totally has NOTHING to do with your post.

That being said, I know you're always on the lookout for new webcomics. Check out "Least I could Do". I think it's It's hilarious

David Cool Person said...

I agree with you regarding Mr. Ebert's opinion. I REALLY does suck!