Saturday, 3 April 2010


Happiness is about being rich. Anyone who thinks otherwise underestimates the value of food, clothing, shelter, ice-cream, a large tv, a blu-ray collection, bose speakers, all seasons of both the west wing and the wire, and access to iplayer. Not to mention hard pillows, a soft bed, a warm rug, an ipod, a book collection larger than mount kilimanjaro, black darjeeling tea, and woolen socks. and let's not even go near the fast internet, the terrific laptop, copies of every single great video-game ever made, the state of the art earphones, and the hard drive that'll never, ever be even half full, even filled with all the music in the entire world. oh, and how about the ability to pay for tickets for david tennant in hamlet, to go see avatar in imax 3D, to fly first class and drive around in a ferrari, and buy the last remaining first edition of harry potter and the prisoner of azkaban?

Oh yes, happiness is about being rich. Friends, family, pets, those are things that you can't really help. People will like me, or they won't. But money? The glistening, glimmering, glint of gold, the shiny yet subtle seduction of silver, the smell of green dollars and the texture of purple pounds and the weight of thousands and thousands of rupees? That is something I can work on. That is happiness.

Or, as Calvin puts it: 'A trillion billion dollars, my own space shuttle, and a private continent!'


techonomyst said...

hmm....what does this say about my parenting?...and how is comment moderation any different from geoip in principle?

wanderlust said...

yes, yes, a thousand times yes. i totally agree with your post, every word of it, including Prisoner of Azkaban.
money makes the world go 'round.

s said...

@techonomyst it may not be different in principle, but it allows me o make sure that none of my idiotic friends put up random messages that mean nothing. i am a hypocrite, you have caught me out :P. and your parenting has only shown me the cold hard truths of the world, and i am necessitated to try and get as much warmth and comfort as i possibly can :P

@wanderlust thank ye for coming to this blog :P. btw one wonders whether you have seen the monty python clip about the money programme? it is hilarious, and expresses the way i feel about currency in all its forms.

tis terrific :D