Saturday, 10 April 2010


Learning is a painful process. For one thing, it involves thought. For another, it involves effort. Perhaps the worst combination ever.

I have learnt many things.

Religion is fun.

Poetry makes gods weep and demons smile.

Being angsty on the internet is of no use to man or beast.

Being angsty generally is of no use to man or beast, but can, on specific occasions, make oneself feel better. However, these events are few and far between, and are best avoided.

Sleep is always good.

Food is to be avoided, unless it is with people you like. There are better uses for ones time than to sit and eat.

Facebook is addictive.

So is your mum.

The making of long lists is boring to the ignorant reader, and I don't care. There are no ignorant readers round these parts, which is the way I like it.

The making of long lists is also boring to the knowledgeable reader, but at least they know they can't do anything about it.

To my complete surprise, America is BRILLIANT (more on this later. if i feel like it).

America is wasted on Americans.

The graphic novel is a medium of unparalleled intensity, both visually and narratively.

I love reading inane spiderman comics.

I like rhyming words with words.

Left of centre is always right.

Puns are the lowest form of wit (yeah, riiiiiiight).

Sarcasm comes a close second.

Buying rare books makes me feel much happier than anything else.

Though reading, and looking at, rare books is also quite cool.

The world is a depressing place, and it needs all the humour it can get.

Which is how I justify:

Your mum.

Music is just so exciting. It just is. (Exciting, exciting, exciting).

The Pope is a paedo. This is just the truth.

Endings are easy.

You just,



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