Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mediocrity is depressing

Mediocrity is depressing
There are no voices in my head
There are no women in my bed
No words on these lacklustre pages
No wisdom from no sanguine sages
No colors of the rainbow’s hues
Just the taxman and his dues
Despite the flowers of spring so gay
I do not know what I’m meant to say.
Black and white and endless gray
Are all I see though try I may.

Mediocrity is depressing,
No hope for my spendthrift hands
No joy for my liar’s tongue
No rain on my infertile lands
I stand on the world’s midmost rung.
And though I hear the ‘Yes we can’s
They sting me like a bee has stung
They have their best-laid mousey plans
About which nothing can be done.

Mediocrity is depressing,
My muses flee like moths from rain
They look at me like a man insane
I write my verses but in vain
Still better than curses dripping with disdain.


David said...

Yes, I liked it, and I agree with you!
One thing, you spelt 'grey' wrong :P

s said...

i can never tell which the correct spelling is :P

Aura said...

You also spelt, Poetry wrong:P.
You label reads Portry. Its funny, in a very silly way:P.

But I like the poem, and no I'm not just being polite, you know I wouldn't do that, well not about poetry and all.
I cant write verse to save my life:'(
Nice blog:)

s said...

back when i first started this blog, i thought portry was funny. i still do :P

i am very much a fan of petry, so writing it is nearly as much fun as reading it :P

thengoo about the blog :D

Sharan said...

ed ve.

blog comments le kuda edo line adchikind.

s said...

edhe ve.

comment pannappo kuda blog mele anne, life mele pandre