Wednesday, 31 March 2010


Mine is the fury of rivers unbounded
Mine is the grace of the deep red dawn
I am the rage, and I am the rapture
Of the whitest tiger and the blackest swan

I am the death of joyous laughter,
I am the lord of the end of despair
I am the reason the sun and the moon
Do not vanish without a thought or a care

I am the mover, and I am the moved
I am the One who is the All
Within me the worlds survive their turning
Without me the universe into nothing would fall

Now and forever, I am the master
Aeons before me like seconds pass
Mountains of stone are anthills to me
Diamonds as frail as shattered glass

The brightness of stars will perish before me
Leo and Taurus with them shall die
I will be left with dust and oblivion
Then, perhaps, my end will be nigh


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