Monday, 18 January 2010

I am perhaps the best liar in creation. I do not lie, though you may not believe me. I do not even exaggerate. For once in my life, I simply state the pure, unembellished truth. And what an experience it is. My life, admittedly, is not very exciting in itself, but I am able to spin the wildest of tales for the silliest of reasons, and put on elaborate costumes for random encounters. If you were to meet me on the road somewhere, you would not know me. But if you were to take the time and the effort, you would soon find out that I am the assistant of several popular authors, or that the reason Her Majesty's government does not throw me in jail is because I keep myself very well hidden. You may even discover that actually, while you may think I work at a bakery, the truth is that I am a full time inventor, and have patented many things that if revealed to the world, could break a small nation's economy.

I am a liar, though I look quiet, and unassuming. You cannot know me, for like an onion, I have many layers, but unlike an onion, none of them actually belong to me. My core is spent in creating my layers, and in denying them reality. I love being alone, for that gives me time to construct even more exciting incidents that could never have happened to anyone, if you stopped to think about it.

I tell the truth, sometimes. To ease my conscience, though I've almost forgotten it exists. To persuade myself that what I truly am is not the result of a deranged psychopath. 

Not surprisingly, no one believes me when I tell them this. Perhaps you doubt me even now. But the fact of the matter is that I do lie, because telling the truth is much too difficult, and not any fun at all.

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