Friday, 29 January 2010

bewilderment. to become wilder? that seems the most obvious interpretation. it's not being puzzled, it's not being shocked. bewilderment is simply being so blindsided by recent events that all one can to is stand and stare and wonder 'what the fuck just happened? no, really. what the fuck?'. It is an interesting expression, especially on a drunk man's face, which lacks the coordination that a sober man would. bewilderment is a sort of psychedelic pink and green. It isn't meant to last, but those few moments in which it is is so totally weird, so out of any other experience that one really can't categorise it.

It's a sort of WTF moment without the anger. The best way of putting it, really, is that expression you got on your face the first time your eighth class physics teacher tried, in a fit of madness, to teach you relativity. Heh? Whaaaaaat? You remember that feeling? That's bewilderment.

It's a really interesting emotion. By the time you recognise it it's gone. And if you've felt it sometime while you were reading this post, I've succeeded.

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Prabha Mohan said...

you have succeeded and i now that the emotion has gone, I am thinking about everything that I've found bewildering in the past, and they've all been about becoming/doing/seeing something wild(er)!