Tuesday, 15 September 2009

There are different sizes of infinity, yes? Infinity means huge, by definition the largest thing in the universe. But there are things bigger than infinity. Namely, infinity.

Think of the number of numbers between one and two. Infinite. Now think of the number of numbers between two and three. Infinite. So how many numbers between one and three? Infinite. But logically, the infinity between one and three is twice as large as the one between one and two, or two and three.

Each person is an innumerable number of people. This is true. Each person has millions and millions of facets, each distinct from the last. But some people are more innumerable than others. Some people have a larger infinity of people in them, some people seem to have no infinity within them at all. There are some who are more complex than any string theory you've come across, who don't seem to make any sort of sense. There are none who operate purely on logic. Despite what the TV shows tell you. Despite anything you hear about Asperger's, or any other syndrome. They are all us. We and they, we are the same, only different.

So does the size of the infinity we are make us different? Of course. Does it make us unequal? Does diversity imply inequality?

But then, doesn't it? The circumstances of my birth affords to me certain privileges that others are not given. It is the very existence of these inequalities that drives the human endeavour.

But the aim of the human endeavour is to end these inequalities. Given enough time, one assumes it will happen eventually. Eventually, we will be equal. Think about it. They will wake up in the morning without fear of discrimination. They will go to sleep not worrying about race or caste or creed. A world which is much more perfect than ours will exist, and they will live in it. Am I painting you a picture of heaven, or hell? A world where there is no war. No violence. In its logical extreme, no sadness. There is a webcomic, somewhere on the internet, that goes something like this: 'With one pill we cured sadness. And art.'

Is perfection that terrifying?

There is, somewhere in the definition of perfection, a clause about infinity. Like the guy said, perfection does not have limits. Perfection is being there.

There are moments, rare and not often recognised by me, when one feels the perfection of creation. When physics and mathematics come together to show me something I'd never have suspected. When Sanjay Subramanyam sings a Ritigowla that stuns me. Whenever I hear MS sing Jo Achyutananda. Perfection is there. We just can't reach it as often as we'd like to.

What we obtain too cheaply we esteem too lightly. If perfection were not impossible, it would not be worth the effort.

Perfection is truth is beauty. Perfection has no limits, is infinite in its scope, and pretty much does what it likes.

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