Wednesday, 13 May 2009

i just think its interesting how any word, noun, verb, or adjective, if put in the past tense, becomes a euphemism for drunk.

he was tabled last night.

it was not funny how boarded they were.

im going to see how personal computered i can possibly become


I've been watching much monty python recently, possibly because my half hour of internet a day does not allow more in depth viewing (all the shows i watch are about forty minutes long, and theyre mostly over, anyway) but i think it has helped to cement the place that english schoolboy humor has won in my heart. its brilliant for the dark, dark humor, the way they just fling obscenities around, the incredible way they refuse to acknowledge the notion of the punchline, the satire of culture, and, of course, the song and dance routine they just break into every now and then.

i still havent managed to watch the meaning of life in its entirety, but i have watched most of it, and it is one of the most disturbing things ive ever seen. the middle of the film, where youre supposed to find the fish, just freaked me out, but i have no idea why. but it IS hilarious, and you should watch it, though whether you want to do it in the company of your parents is another issue.


i came up with my very own pj yesterday
whats the difference between a zipper in the front of your pants, and one in the back of your pants?
one's for easy access, and the other's for easy- wait, i think i shall stop there.


i am also severely disturbed by the lack of creativity in my head, though exams may have something to do with this. perhaps it shall return to me in the summer.


apparently, becoming juvenile sometimes does have its downsides. i was arguing with a friend about whether it is possible to shed skin by rubbing vigorously. in the spirit of scientific enquiry, we tried to find out. now, my hand has some sort of artificial burn on it.


and, before you leave, i have more bad haiku

leaves falling in autumn
free for about ten seconds
before they hit the ground