Sunday, 19 April 2009

there is a new hitchikers guide to the galaxy book coming out.

Douglas Adams is dead


i say again

W T F???


Suhas said...

Make that a third wtf. There was already that crappy movie (for which apparently Adams had a hand in writing the script). Nothing's sacred!

Prabha said...

Don't throw your shoes at me, but I am curious about what Eoin Colfer might come up with.

I also liked the movie!

Ok. Now throw.

Sharan said...

i am curious.
though it would be very very hard to even come close to any of the guide installments.

s said...

nope, nothing is. i cant decide whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

its like the harry potter movies. theyre ok if you dont know about the books.

curiosity is one thing. but some things shouldnt be messed with :P

Prabha Mohan said...

there is no doubt the big book was a classic and irreplaceable! but im stlll a huge fan of remakes, reinventions, and in general the idea of getting creative with someone else's work... i think adams is a tough act to follow, and colfer has the balls to give it a try... it speaks for something (we'll find out soon if it is stupidity),,,,

plus adams himself may not have thought of adding to his work... so this is new territory....

i like that he's taking up a challenge despite such pessimism from the fans ... (colfer's fans included)

speaking of remakes... star trek was brilliant!! i wanna grow up to be spock! (and/or sylar... ) ... maybe i should just say zachary quinto....