Sunday, 11 January 2009

Dear child, understand
If life were to be
All it's cracked up to be
We wouldn't have to work,
We'd just sit around and shirk
Our responsibilities.
And the philosophies
that make us able
to sit at a table
and workworkwork
and fight the thoughts that lurk
in our heads that say
Oh go away
those philosophies would never exist,
if life were grand.

Dear boy, you must know
If life were not
a watch forgot
in the middle
of an arid wasteland,
if one never suffered
the disappointments that work
hand in glove
with mistakes that shove
one's train off its ideal path,
one would never grow.

Dear girl, as you sit
and contemplate
visions of a future date
of a life fulfilled
without water spilled
from the cup of life,
know that there will be strife
I will be brief
but cause you grief
the happy ending
is still pending
it must be put together
bit by bit

I tell you this now
keep the promises
that you've made
do not let your resolve fade
and when the time comes
you can open the door
and walk to the shore
there will be a boat
to avalon

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