Saturday, 3 January 2009

as if i needed more proof that my life continues to be a soap opera for the entertainment of whichever deva is responsible for me. not for me clean breaks and fresh starts. oh no. just when you think the villain is dead, up he comes again with a new face and the same gun that he never fires. he just threatens to. holds it up and says, 'i am going to fire this gun', at which point the serial ends and one has to wait for the next instalment. in this case, that will probably be a week from now. stay tuned for more exciting plot twists, and see you next week roughly the same time but not the same place.

i haven't been given an offer from cambridge.

but neither can they be bothered to say 'you're crap. we don't want you'.

i have to live in tension for the next week (what's new, eh?) and then go for my exams. this new torture is called 'the pool'. highly imaginative, no? the english called the tank that because they pretended they were working on a water tank, and the name stuck. i wonder what this 'pool' does.


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