Thursday, 11 December 2008

I've never been so nervous. In my entire sixteen years on this planet, I have never been so bloody nervous as I was yesterday. Fuck, I was scared shitless. After school, on the train, the butterflies in my stomach probably caused an existential storm somewhere out there. Then, I got off the train. And it all disappeared. There was a smile on my lips. Somehow, I was feeling better.
I walked to the college, and managed to find some quite nice people. It's really nice, is Cambridge. People are nice, and the place is really quite beautiful.
And the interviews went well. And so did the TSA. All that's left is luck.
Fuck. I have never wanted something as much as I want this. 

I fell out of love today. I left Cambridge, and slowly, but surely, I got nervous again. More bloody butterflies. And for the first time, the Tube was slow. It takes three, maybe four minutes between stops on average. That's never changed. But today was the first day that I felt all of the three minutes between one stop and the next. Maybe the butterflies will go away. I sure hope so. But coming to London won't be the same anymore. It'll still be cool. It'll be where all the bookshops are. It'll be where I had my sixteenth birthday. It's just not Cambridge.
Oh come on. Please, people who live in the sky, give me a seat. I will be forever grateful.

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