Monday, 27 October 2008

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'Where's he gone now?'


'Abba! We're already late. Interval must have finished by now.'

'It's not as if there's anything exciting happening in the movie. And anyway-'

'And anyway what?'

'Dude. Ok, don't turn around, but look right next to the popcorn cart thing.'


'Dude! There, right next to-'

'Oh, fuck.'

'Don't swear.'

'Almighty flying fuck. Underground torpedo fuck even.'

'Dude, you do not know how to swear. Please stop trying. But yeah, fuck.'

'Hey, I'm back, what did I miss?'

'Next to the popcorn.'

'Oh goooaaad!'


'What did I do in my life to be treated in this horrible way? I mean, there has got to be some sort of fairness in this world.'

'Ummm, you went out with her.'

'Then you dumped her.'

'And then went out with her best friend.'

'Who you also dumped.'

'Dude, whom you also dumped.'

'Whatever. And now she's here, watching, this is actually quite funny, watching a film where the hero breaks the hearts of two of the heroines. So I'd say this is quite fair.'

'This is, in fact, hilarious. We should make our lives into a TV serial.'

'Yeah, like Friends. We'll call this episode "The One Where Pranita Returns!'

'OH SHIT! She's seen me.'

'OK, dude, if anything happens, we don't know you.'

'Fuck you. Do something.'

'HAHAHAHA. She's coming towards us.'

'Ok Ok, I'll talk to her.'

'But you don't even know her!'

'Well, since you don't want to talk to her, and the last girl this fellow talked to is still recovering in a mental hospital, I'm the only person here to do this.'

'OK, how about, SHE DOESN'T KNOW YOU!'

'Who cares? Let him talk to her, and if she gets totally creeped out, then she definitely won't talk to you. And the last girl I talked was perfectly fine. In fact, I'm going to watch a movie with her on Thursday.'

'WHAT!? Y-y-yyyyou're going on a date?'

'Ok, we'll talk about this later. Operation: Distract Pranita happens now.'


what i'm hoping to do is just create snapshots of these three nameless peoples lives. verbal images, that sort of thing. i also didn't realise this until oh, say three minutes ago? anyway, i had a lot of fun writing this. i could so see this happening in my head. I wanted to introduce  a fourth character, but then i decided that this was already too long. next time, maybe. what i really like about the conversations is that they never take me more than ten twelve minutes to write, unlike this other story im working on, which ive been writing for the last month, and ive got about an eighth of the way in

Friday, 24 October 2008

Humour is about realising the we have too much context and too little information about humanity.

Thursday, 16 October 2008

my life needs rear-view mirrors

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Information is
Never enough for any
One, until it hurts

Saturday, 11 October 2008

i've only just realised, i started blogging last august.

my blog turned a year old three months ago, and i had no idea

shows how much i care :p

Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Information Theory

There is no such information that is bad information. Bad information is a myth. There is true information, there is false information. There is no 'bad' information, how can there be? What can be bad is bats, or people, or material possessions. How can information be bad? Or, for that matter, how can it be good? It is just there, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be found out.

All that information is, is dangerous. It is the most perfect weapon. Information, whether true or false is always dangerous, with one requirement. Information, to be dangerous, must have context. All useful information is dangerous, and has context. Useless information is not dangerous only so long as it has no context, when it achieves context, it becomes dangerous, becomes useful.

Take two seperate pieces of information.
There is a man called Peter John Kay, who is addicted to cocaine (Lots of people are addicted to cocaine, it is sad but it is true).
There is a man called Peter John Kay, and his father is the Prime Mister (Being the Prime Mister doesn't mean you're not allowed to procreate, what's your point?).


Taken seperately, these two facts give you nothing. Together, they make you the holder of a secret that can break Government. Does it matter whether the information is true or not? If enough people believe it, no. If enough people think you are famous, it stops mattering that you actually aren't.

But if you're in the minority, if you're the only person who knows that the son of the Prime Mister is addicted to crack, it doesn't really make a difference. Everyone  knows that he's not on drugs. He's such a nice boy. How dare you say something like that?

Information is dangerous, whether true or false. What matters is the number of people that believe that information. This can, obviously, change pretty rapidly. This is the reality.