Wednesday, 10 September 2008


though this blog has been online for a year, it is only now that it is gaining the attantion that it deserves. by next year, i will be king of the world!
no, not really. i'd settle for india. or even japan. what about sri lanka? or even lakshwadeep would be enough.

anyway, i have been awarded some award thing! before i fulfil the terms of this agreement, im going to note a few points about this award.

though the aim is to increase the number of people reading blogs (and a very good aim it is, too. lots of blogs i have discovered iver the past few weeks that i really like now through people i know. i tend not to click on the links page. i dunno why), what i suspect will happen is that eventually a closed loop will form. while newer blogs are found, i think it relies too much on the seven degrees of seperation theory, and doesnt  take into account the fact that im probably going to give it back to people who've already got it anyway. which is probably why if you look at my links bar, you'll find a list of people who i wouldve awarded it to. there isnt really anyone else, except a dead blog that i found two days before it died is an awesome website, only it died quite a while back. which is quite sad.


number two thing to write about is a totally awesome game called team fortress two. seriously, it is absolutely amazing. it has restored my faith in my ability to play non strategy computer games. i fully recommend it to anyone who has access to a decent games shop and a fast internet connection.

there is a reason i have not blogged about this before. that is because i only truly succeeded at the game a few days ago. there are nine classes in the game. nine different distinct personalities to play as (if you go search for meet the team on google, you will come up with some extremely funny videos). nine seperate strategies, each an art that requires hours of practice to perfect.

chances are, one of the nine will suit you.

mine was the pyro. the flamethrower, what a weapon. the best class in the whole game. sure, the heavy lets you kill people indiscriminately, the spy's backstab is the best attack there is, but it takes real patience to play the pyro. patience that i don't have, mind you. im very happy to go try and burn someone alive and get killed in the process. what playing pyro is really about is waiting in the corner for someone to arrive, and then roasting them to death. and im writing about playing this game why? because of two main reasons.

1) i recently unlocked all three weapons for the pyro. theres an achievements page, and if you complete enough, you get special weapons. let me tell you, the weapons really made my day. my flamethrower now deals critical hits if i manage to attack from behind. i now have a flare gun that sets people on fire if it connects. my axe always crits if i hit a burning opponent. i am now good at this game. its amazing how often i still get killed. its an occupational hazard.

2) i found a video on the net. it is brilliant. the music is just ..... the justness of it can't be explained. its called ignis solus, which can be loosely translated as the solitary flame. it transcends the game, it is a brilliant piece of machinima ( a term i have had to go research, BTW). it can be found here. be warned though, you need Divx player installed to watch it. i got it off the website for free.

so there you have it.

good night world.


Sharan said...

i've read every post, but somehow, just one sticks.
pav bhaji, eh?

s said...

chaat is good.
we dont get any of that out here.
and you're significant hmmmmings have no effect on me

Anonymous said...

As my friend Mr. T would say, you are a crazy fool.

David :D