Sunday, 28 September 2008

Poetry, Apparently

I went on a school trip to Geneva last weekend, was really good fun. took lots and lots of photos. On the other hand, 'twasn't as awesome as I thought it would be, somehow. I'd built it up to be some sort of life changing experience, and in the days before the trip, listening to friends go on about how much fun Geneva was going to be, I couldn't help but feel a vague sense of unease that it wouldn't quite live up to my expectations.
In counterpoint to that (seeing as how I've already used the phrase "On the other hand"), I went to the Lake district this weekend, again with school. This was a lot more fun that I thought it would be, seeing as how I hadn't really thought about it that much, overshadowed as it was by Geneva. We saw Dove cottage, where Wordsworth wrote a lot of his poems. We also climbed the mountain that Wordsworth and Coleridge used to climb alot, called Helvellyn, and it was a really nice and sunny day, which was really cool. I even played the wooden flute that Swaroop gave me on the top.
After we got back to the youth hostel (even though everyone there except our group was over the age of sixty), the teachers made us sit and write poetry. I have decided that since I've written three, I may as well inflict it on you.

Poetry, Apparently
Beware, dear reader
Of poetry horrific
Such as what follows

To walk alone is to think,
To consider the possibilities of time.
'Tis an exercise in patience,
and needs neither reason nor rhyme.

To walk alone is to imagine
The world as a wholly different place
As somewhere that will never be Here,
But still possessing beauty and grace

She walks alone, like the night
Said a poet long ago
Or something like that, anyway
Who she was, I do not know

But if she walked without company
Where was she going, tell me, pray?
Was she another wanderer?
Did she, like me, not know the way?

To find a worthy destination,
Would that not be the goal
Of every single nomad who
Seeked out lodgings that warmed the soul

Walking alone is
Leaving home and finding it,
With inspiration

'Twas brillig, and the slithy toves (Or, The dropping of an orange)
'Twas much fun climbing 
The mountain today, we
Generally talked about stuff,
And the sunset was beautiful.

'Twas very nice, seeing 
The hilltops and valleys
From the summit of some dead
Poet's inspirational place

'Twas quite interesting
The site where the first plane
That landed on the countryside in
England, and the dropping of that orange.

Why, was it not
An exciting adventure,
Can we go again?

Haiku is much fun
'Specially since there's no rhyme
I like it a lot

Blogger is weird
Enter must be pressed twice for
A line to be formed

also, does anyone know where i can find out what jagadanandakaraka means? listening to too much M S lately, need some other music in my life...

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Inspiration is a funny thing. It comes and it goes, and after it's gone you're never really sure why it came in the first place. You think 'Hey, that's a good idea. I could write really well about that.' And then you discover that what you thought you were going to write changes totally. The number of times I have written something that I didn't want to write is quite painful. You know exactly where the story is going to go, you just don't have a clue about how its going to get there. Most of my stories have come about as I try to assemble a larger one. In the BFG, when he mixes all the dreams together, the useless bits fly away. Sadly, these are the bits that finally get posted. The actual story still lies in my mind, too scared to be expressed in case it changes on the way, becomes something other than what I intended. Like Anandanna says on his (now dead) blog,
“Words do not express thoughts very well. They always become a little different immediately after they are expressed, a little distorted, a little foolish.” -- Hermann Hesse
But sometimes, when I don't think enough about my inspiration, when I am serendipitous enough to be creative just when I am in front of the computer,  magical things happen. I know this. The first sci-fi story was one of those moments. Neither of my articles needed more than half an hour in front of my computer to write, but they're much better than, for example, the God post below this one. Possibly because I sat on it for a while. I wrote down my thoughts, and waited for the right moment to write it. It turned out much worse than the perfect thing in my mind, but I've already used the idea. I'm not goint to rewrite it.
This is another thing that I'm writing not because of any external force, but because my head has too much creativity in it, and it needs to let off some steam. I both love and dread these moments, when my fingers fly across the keyboard, saying god knows what.

My head is finally clear, and hopefully this moment will come again, where I look at the computer and think, 'I need to write'. There is a lot I want to say, but there are no words and no languages to say it in. This blog, I have realised, is an exercise in serendipity, so that I can write mad things without having to think about anything else. Tis quite sad that there is a four thousand character limit on my statement of purpose, because there is now an infinity of thought that has to be compressed into a finity of space. Meaning that there are so many viewpoints to be expressed, so many stories to be told, that I have almost given up.

This is my offical statement saying that I've given up on my last sci fi thing. It'll still exist, but its for you to say where they've gone. On the other hand, I'm going to try and write more sci-fi. There isn't much else I can write, and

Ok, I ran out of steam there. I have to go rad some more and think some more before my next post. But it is happening. It is happening.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


though this blog has been online for a year, it is only now that it is gaining the attantion that it deserves. by next year, i will be king of the world!
no, not really. i'd settle for india. or even japan. what about sri lanka? or even lakshwadeep would be enough.

anyway, i have been awarded some award thing! before i fulfil the terms of this agreement, im going to note a few points about this award.

though the aim is to increase the number of people reading blogs (and a very good aim it is, too. lots of blogs i have discovered iver the past few weeks that i really like now through people i know. i tend not to click on the links page. i dunno why), what i suspect will happen is that eventually a closed loop will form. while newer blogs are found, i think it relies too much on the seven degrees of seperation theory, and doesnt  take into account the fact that im probably going to give it back to people who've already got it anyway. which is probably why if you look at my links bar, you'll find a list of people who i wouldve awarded it to. there isnt really anyone else, except a dead blog that i found two days before it died is an awesome website, only it died quite a while back. which is quite sad.


number two thing to write about is a totally awesome game called team fortress two. seriously, it is absolutely amazing. it has restored my faith in my ability to play non strategy computer games. i fully recommend it to anyone who has access to a decent games shop and a fast internet connection.

there is a reason i have not blogged about this before. that is because i only truly succeeded at the game a few days ago. there are nine classes in the game. nine different distinct personalities to play as (if you go search for meet the team on google, you will come up with some extremely funny videos). nine seperate strategies, each an art that requires hours of practice to perfect.

chances are, one of the nine will suit you.

mine was the pyro. the flamethrower, what a weapon. the best class in the whole game. sure, the heavy lets you kill people indiscriminately, the spy's backstab is the best attack there is, but it takes real patience to play the pyro. patience that i don't have, mind you. im very happy to go try and burn someone alive and get killed in the process. what playing pyro is really about is waiting in the corner for someone to arrive, and then roasting them to death. and im writing about playing this game why? because of two main reasons.

1) i recently unlocked all three weapons for the pyro. theres an achievements page, and if you complete enough, you get special weapons. let me tell you, the weapons really made my day. my flamethrower now deals critical hits if i manage to attack from behind. i now have a flare gun that sets people on fire if it connects. my axe always crits if i hit a burning opponent. i am now good at this game. its amazing how often i still get killed. its an occupational hazard.

2) i found a video on the net. it is brilliant. the music is just ..... the justness of it can't be explained. its called ignis solus, which can be loosely translated as the solitary flame. it transcends the game, it is a brilliant piece of machinima ( a term i have had to go research, BTW). it can be found here. be warned though, you need Divx player installed to watch it. i got it off the website for free.

so there you have it.

good night world.

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

This is probably my first attempt at taking myself seriously and writing. I still feeling like I'm breaking some kind of law here. because of this, i will probably ramble a lot. pliss bear with me.
Popularly, there are two economic ideologies, and somewhere in between is the compromise that each country makes with them. Both systems have their strengths and weaknesses, their flaws and their merits. While I firmly believe that the mixed economy is the best system, I will write about why I believe that Socialism (which is different from communism, in the way that, perhaps, parody is different from satire. They may be similar, but the end result is different, satire is a more powerful form of literature, but that much more difficult to write.) is a better system than capitalism.

Socialism is, by name, taken from the words social, and society. It does not, like capitalism, promote the individual, it promotes the collective. It staunchly believes in 'The Greater Good', which is a brilliant idea in theory but takes enormous will power to actually put into practice. By definition, there is no unemployment, no cycle of boom and bust, no uncertainty about the future. It is the labourers who are protected here, and there is no discrimination in Socialistia (Socialistan? The United States of Socialist Regimes?), and everyone gets an opportunity to help each other.

Capitalism, on the other hand, firmly uplifts the individual. It encourages the entrepreneur, the innovator, to keep his work to himself. It uses the idea of competition to ensure that the best and most efficient product will always win out, and furthers the progress of the economy by relying on several key factors which must work together. While Socialism eventually becomes one big collective, resulting in a unity of many, capitalism, for all its emphasis on individuality, eventually relies on the consumers and the firms, the government and the banks, all to function well if stable growth is to be achieved.

The flaw of Socialism is, of course, the concentration of power. It must be understood that this is a risk, it is a temptation. While the majority will succumb, there will always be those who do not. The power of Socialism relies on the favorite mechanism of the Capitalists, that they must risk that a Vetinari will come along and help the city flourish. This concentration inevitably produces its share of dictators, but it is not the nature of the system that creates them, it is the nature of the individuals in that system. It is wrong to generalise the system and say that all Socialist (or even Communist) regimes (for what else can it be, but a kingdom under a king? Remember, there were once just kings, who ruled from under a tree. The only difference between Carrot and Vetinari is that their methods are different. Their aim is the same) lack freedom. I still cannot see why freedom, and equality cannot flourish under a dictator. Didn't Akbar encourage liberty? Didn't Ashoka, a thousand years before him, pass laws that ensured equalities among citizens? Was it not the fact that he was king that allowed him to do so?

The government, the State, tells the people what to do, that is true. It lays down laws, and ensures that they are followed. On the other hand it does not mean, that the people just do only what the State tells them to do. Once their duty is fulfilled, they can do whatever they like. This is what, I think, people forget. That it is possible for someone in Socialistan to do one's duty and do other things as well.

Monday, 1 September 2008



'No, I was just looking through this fellow's itouch history. It's hilarious.'

'DUDE! Shut up. If you say anything at all it will hinder your ability to ever reproduce.'

'No seriously- OWW!'

'Arre! Don't hit him, I want to know.'

'Eh shut up ya'

'Right, seriously. The last site he -Stop hitting me! He'll get to know anyway!'

'Just tell me.'

'Right, get ready to hear this. Pranita-'

'What, that girl from-'


'Yeah, that girl. Anyway, apparently she has a blog. And our man has turned into a cyber stalker.'

'I am not a cyber stalker.'

'Why is he a cyber stalker?'

'Because he has sat here for the last four hours and read every single post on her blog. Two years' worth of content, seriously.'

'Ouch, dude.'

'Shut up. I've only been here an hour.'

'Suuure. That's why you have three cappucinos in front of you. Each of which take you about an hour to drink. Anyway, apparently two of her favourite sites are called Greatbong dot net and Imam Wapsoro's Lounge'

'Dude! You're going out with a muslim stoner chick!'

'Fuck you. First of all, she can't be muslim with a name like Pranita. Secondly, I'm not going out with her!'

'Yeah, we totally believe you.'

'Oh just shut up already'