Monday, 1 September 2008



'No, I was just looking through this fellow's itouch history. It's hilarious.'

'DUDE! Shut up. If you say anything at all it will hinder your ability to ever reproduce.'

'No seriously- OWW!'

'Arre! Don't hit him, I want to know.'

'Eh shut up ya'

'Right, seriously. The last site he -Stop hitting me! He'll get to know anyway!'

'Just tell me.'

'Right, get ready to hear this. Pranita-'

'What, that girl from-'


'Yeah, that girl. Anyway, apparently she has a blog. And our man has turned into a cyber stalker.'

'I am not a cyber stalker.'

'Why is he a cyber stalker?'

'Because he has sat here for the last four hours and read every single post on her blog. Two years' worth of content, seriously.'

'Ouch, dude.'

'Shut up. I've only been here an hour.'

'Suuure. That's why you have three cappucinos in front of you. Each of which take you about an hour to drink. Anyway, apparently two of her favourite sites are called Greatbong dot net and Imam Wapsoro's Lounge'

'Dude! You're going out with a muslim stoner chick!'

'Fuck you. First of all, she can't be muslim with a name like Pranita. Secondly, I'm not going out with her!'

'Yeah, we totally believe you.'

'Oh just shut up already'


aandthirtyeights said...

Um, dude. What? Who? Just because I'm Imam, I'm a stoner?

s said...

you're an imam, but bong is slang for weed

Anonymous said...

is this the girl you met at vacs?

s said...

a) who are you?

b) no, i saw her for the first time in a year, and we didn't even go to vacs. we had pav bhaji (which was brilliant, because that was almost my last meal in india)

Anonymous said...

you are getting defensive. guilty mind.

s said...

tell me how to be offensive and i will personify it!