Thursday, 14 August 2008

three a's and a B
how am i going to go on with my life now?

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

So, after three weeks in India, on my (potentially) last day of happiness, i am now bored enough to write about my life again.

I've realised the my view of england has gone down the more time i've spent here. in the first week its was' Yeah I really like the life/experience/lack of power cuts there.'. in the second week it was 'Its quite good, you know?  nice place nice people, that sort of thing.' last week, it was' i mean its OK, i suppose. the food is crap, and im beginning to realise that with no one to talk to in telugu my already horrible accent has become even worse, but its interesting.' now its 'fuck. i dont want to go back. why am i going back?'
there are a few advantages. the super broadband connections that mean i can play team fortress two whenever i like. the power shower that i can stand under for ever. the.... im sure it'll come back to me once i go back.
i went to madras a week ago. again, my recent experience has only reconfirmed my impression that madras is far superior to hyderabad in an infinite number of ways, though i suspect that that wouldn't be the case if i had lived there for the last fifteen years. but the food is superior in almost every way (how can one argue with saravanabhavan?), and the bookshops are much bigger.
what i do miss is the fact that im less comfortable in india. i have no idea when my friends have tuition, and more often than not end up not seeing them. im hoping that some of them will come on fifteenth, because otherwise i will be terribly disappointed.
i haved had fever for the last two days. shivers, vomiting, diarrhoea (proof that the english language is stupid. why cant it just be diyarea?) the whole lot. have recovered just enough to face my marks tomorrow. badly need a haircut, but i cant be bothered to go get one.
have started driving lessons, though what purpose that serves, dont ask me. i cant get a license here until im eighteen, and i cant start learning in the UK before im seventeen, so its all a bit pointless. but i have how to succesfully do that clutch/accelerator manouvre to get the car to move, so i must be doing something right.
success! (generally, in life. before i get my marks, anyway.)