Monday, 28 July 2008

'You total idiots!'

'Hey, I didn't do anything. I was just standing there.'

'My foot. Random humming of 'Georgie Porgie' just happened to happen-'

'Umm, dude, "happened to happen"? Not the best english.'

'Whatever! Random humming of nursery rhymes while I'm trying to talk to-'

'Trying to talk? I'm guessing by that you mean hinting to the guy next to her that your rubber fell next to her shoe?'

'Stop bloody interrupting me! I-'

'Full bloody and all huh? Our man has finally started swearing.'

'That's only because she's still in earshot. He thinks it'll make him sound cool.'

'Am I going to be allowed to speak or what?'

'As long as it's not about her hair.'

'Or her eyes.'

'And definitely not her intellectual capabilities.'

'Or lack of them.'

'Shut up.'

'Ok ya, I have to go, my mom's calling.'

'Shut up. You're going to meet Pranita'

'What, that girl from LFJC?'

'How does it matter where she's from?'

'So you agree you're going to meet her?'

'I didn't say that!'

'Suuuure you didn't.'

'You just implied it.'

'If you don't shut your mouth I will start swearing at you.'

'Whatever. Because we're terrified of your swearing capabilities. Facebook me about the encounter.'

'Encounter? That's probably true actually.'

'Fucking mother-'

'OK OK, we get the idea. Go meet your Juliet.'

'It'll probably end up like they did. He'll commit suicide as soon as he realises she doesn't notice him'

'That isn't how the story goes.'

'Course it is. He's a nerd, she's a total hottie, she walks by him ever day without noticing him, he gets depressed, kills himself, leaves a suicide note, girl gets depressed, gets over it, and moves on with her life.'

'You're fucking depressing ya.'

'I just tell it like it is.'

'Wogay. I see my auto, I have to go.'

'Yeah, bye.'


what what what?
do you understand it? because i sure as hell don't.


Radhapinni said...

random comment from random grand aunt....


aandthirtyeights said...

I agree with random grand aunt(hi! remember me?)...


s said...

was it THAT random?
thats what comes of searching for inspiration and not finding it...

Sharan said...

Ahem ... was it THAT random soumithri?