Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Went to Cambridge this weekend. Very awesome place, i must say. the bookshops are just &%^$ing huuuge. plus it's almost impossible to get lost. basically, I went to Eshwar's graduation, and while his family went to his graduation ceremony, i masqueraded as a cambridge student and got to see half a dozen colleges.
my favourite going in was St. John's, simply because it was rich, and the bridge of sighs looked cool. but then I actually got there, and what i ended up with was a bunch of buildings. not as exciting as i'd hoped.
unlike my current favourite, Gonville and Cauis (apparently pronounced "keys"). because when you walk in, you get a cosy quad, with lots of greenery, and you only see the gardens once you go out back. so that was quite cool.
listened to rahmans new hindi album, jaane tu ya jaane na. its really strange, because in the track that he's trying to sing jazz, he starts of really badly and then redeems himself as it goes on. i really liked 'kabhi kabhi aditi', though. it, the album, not the song, isn't as good as i'd hoped, but its a new direction for rahman (thats only my opinion, though. its totally possible rahman's done jazz before, in which case this album is inferior.)
am currently listening to a cd of ms that was lying around the house. i got really excited when i discovered that jo achyutananda was on the cd, then i discovered that its actually a tamil version of the song, which seriously disappointed me. still, nice music.
on a similar note, im running out of space on my ipod.
i need a new one.
i am also broke.
how much does one of those new classics cost in india?
im currently reading ' the worldly philosophers' by robert heilbroner. in the process of discovering exactly how pathetic my knolledge of oikonomikos is. but an awesome book, nonetheless.
recently read simplexity, by jeffrey kluger. on the lines of freakonomics, and almost as good a book.
on the fiction side, i read garth nix's superior saturday. its a childrens series. the new artemis fowl is releasing, and so is the next percy jackson. im hoping that i dont lose touch with these kind of books, but there are some books that i just dont like. like those sad cherub books. and alex rider, what a sad franchise. though i shouldn't really complain, im the one who went and bought all the ultimate spiderman novels for his birthday.
tha's abou' i', really
yay for me


aandthirtyeights said...

See, I have a theory with iPods. Lack of space is only an illusion. If you're ruthless with your deleting, you can let go of a lot of music you ve either never heard or never heard of or will never listen to again.

Prabha Mohan said...

i think u should give rahman time! he gets better with every listening.

you should buy 4 ipod shuffles instead of one regular ipod... and split your music by moods! =) (if itunes lets you do that)

Suhas said...

Agree with Prabha. Repeated listens are often the key. That was the case with 'Bombay Dreams', which I didn't like initially.

Even though I'm not an ipod person, i can empathise with the space problem. i guess it comes about by acquring too much music simultaneously.

s said...

i suspect the main problem with the space is that when i first got my two GB of storage, i never thought id actually get enough music to fill up all of it
the main problem is that only recently ive started listening to albums as a whole, instead of single songs

Suhas said...

'album' is the keyword, which is why i'll never be a fan of the ipod or any related music media. ive always had greater respect for artists who put out good albums as opposed to singles.