Sunday, 20 April 2008

yesterday i was at a party, and i had a laptop and was watching some kids play some tank-killing game on the wii. after hearing thee first three or four hilarious comments, i promptly opened up my blog and rtanscribed almost everything they said.
these kids cant be more than seven or eight.

head start
does that mean - is this your homework?

you actually planted a bomb you homicidal freak ahaan

HOMICIDAL FREAK!!!!! <------ this was repeated every fifteen seconds or so

lets do this again

and that'll 'splode that and then we'll win

press b-B!

do millions of bombs

i didnt die dintcha know

you can only do two bombs

oh jesus

who's winning?

how did you go past one of them?

how did you get in to his thing?

too bad, im dead

thats eeeaaasssyy

i killed all four

who died?

ill be homicidal, here!

you suicidal (unintelligible screams)

at this point im so bored i start playing
soumithris crap
so, who gives
me: so who gives what?
who gives a crap?

soumithri youll die
(i promptly die)

are you crazy or what?

if you dare be suicidal, ill kill you


oh youve got to die you killed yourself youre going to die

i killed two and im still alive!

could you believe i survived speeding bullets!

who wants to play hide and seek after this?
i do

now its my tuuuuuurn!

i can spell PEANUTS!
(unfortunately, to my suggestible mind this was heard differently)

its jericho wise in the house!!! <------ still trying to figure out exactly what this means

you actually killed me when the bomb blew

noone's better than me in this room

are you dead?

I saw that one!

why did you kill me?
I diden!

hubbabubbalubbayou diden eat my lubba <-------- this doesn't do justice to the original

what aaarreee you?

who cares?

do you even know who frankenstein is?

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