Friday, 25 April 2008

The trick
To life
Is not
To get too attached to it

nice lyric!


Sharan said...

I liked the Murphy's law post :) ... I found this statement very funny -- "Its better than having to survive the Great Depression" ...
PS:Song lord. Long time. i am sorry i havent been answering calls. my phone's on silent. exams are on. and i figured the only way to get off the phone is to pretend it doesnt exist. and the phone, by being silent, is doing its bit to help me. i call back to people who i want to talk to eventually, but you are just too far away!
now, my phone's not on silent. call anytime. might not talk for long. as i said, exams are on :)

Prabha Mohan said...

The trick
to life
is to trick
life into
attaching itself
to you!

now say baaah! :D (not prabaah mind you!)