Monday, 28 April 2008


part three. all the parts can be found here.

Ready or not, here I go.

I had said my goodbyes, to as many people as I could manage. None of them believed me, and when I used the Sight on them, I discovered that they just thought I was drunk, and with good reason. As soon as I got back from yesterday's encounter, the dorm master had told me that I had finally been accepted in to the job pool, which meant that there was a good chance of me finally earning some money. But by that time I couldn't care less; the rational part of my brain had completely taken over and refused to give it a second thought.

It wasn’t like I had a choice anyway. I couldn’t simply leave him there; there was nowhere else I could leave to. So I woke up at three, after having nightmare after nightmare of me walking around as a zombie, of me being fried alive on the surface of Betelgeuse, of various other things that I couldn’t recall, but only knew were horrifying, and I did something I hadn’t thought was possible.

I talked to the world.


Drat had gone to sleep at sundown. He knew it would be his first good night of sleep since he arrived on this Terra. He was even looking forward to it, a little. He had found an abandoned apartment close to the edge of the city, and within the first week had managed to steal more than a few necessities and comforts. The mattress he was sleeping on had only a few tears, and those had been easy enough to repair. He hadn’t done a very good job, but he’d never expected to stay more than a month.

So after more than eight solid hours of sleep, something woke him up. Someone was using the Sight, but it was the strangest application of it he’d ever experienced. Every time a new Terra joined the Senate, they always came up with interesting variations of its use, but this was inexplicable.

This had to be the boy. But what in dreams could he be doing?

He thought about the problem. When faced with an unknown, describe it in terms of the known.

The boy was using the Sight, but not any one person. Or even on a specific number of people. He was sensing the thoughts of the entire planet. Surely that wasn’t possible. To use the Sight you had to have some experience of the target; an image, a voice-rec, or the scent of his body at the very least. But the boy couldn’t have experiences of every person he was Seeing-

That was it. He couldn’t have been talking to the whole world, but he was Seeing everyone he possibly could. Every one he had more than the slightest bit in common with. And that number was large enough to make the boy think he was talking to the whole world, and he was broadcasting that thought to everyone he was Seeing.

Everyone he had anything in common with. But that included everyone awake at this time of night, which included-


The boy had managed to use the Sight on him, and Drat hadn’t even noticed.

There was only one place where he could have learnt this kind of technique. The first time they met, Drat had specifically used the Sight on the boy, to find out everything he possibly could. The boy was just using that same ability, but on a much larger scale.

There was nothing to be done about it. The boy hadn’t awakened the ability in any one else, if he had, they would have died from so much exposure, especially since they had no idea what was going on. And if someone he was Seeing that intimately had died, so would he. So he would eventually give up to fatigue, go back to sleep, and eventually, in the morning, he would arrive.

But how in Hell could he have done something on that scale without ripping the universe apart? On any other Terra, he’d be a berserker, and he would have created so many Storms that the whole universe itself would be reduced to tatters.

And what could he do with the boy, now that he knew this?


The next morning, I awoke feeling better than I had in years. I felt I knew my place in the world, and I had come to terms with the fact that I’d probably never see it again. I’d grown up, in more than a few ways, I thought.

At least I was leaving the hellhole I called home.

So at ten in the morning, not caring whether any saw me leave, I walked out of my dorm, knowing full well that on any other day, I would have gotten up at the crack of dawn to try and get ready the fastest and not have to get lectured by the dorm-master, which invariably made us even later.

I took the subway to Blue Hollow, which was supposedly named after a famous pub that used to exist there, and then used the last of my money to take the bus that would get me to his hidey-hole.

He was waiting for me just outside the building he inhabited. He never actually lived there, that meant the apartment was his home, which it very obviously wasn’t. So I had named it his inhabitation.

He looked at me, and for the first time since I had known him, he grinned at me.

‘So, boy, shall we leave?’

It was a relatively simple process. He gave me almost no time to answer, or react in any way. He just grabbed my shoulder, held his beeping thing in his other hand, and spoke some words that I almost recognised. And a blackness later, the time of which I couldn’t gauge, we were in ….. space.

It was a truly awesome experience, in every sense of the word. There we were, a billion light years, or so it seemed, from anything, and we were surrounded by millions upon millions of stars, of galaxies.

He had done his bit. It was time for me to do mine.


They had done it. There they were, in the middle of nowhere, and all the boy needed to do was Call the Storm. The boy wasted one of his precious moments in staring in wonder, but Drat knew that couldn’t be avoided. If he was going to be exposed to the universe itself, then he might as well learn to enjoy it. Then the boy’s brow wrinkled in effort, and not more than three seconds later, a Storm was flying towards them. Though ‘gliding’ was probably the more accurate term.

There it was. A Storm. His road to freedom. And he knew everything about it. He had had more than enough time to study it. He knew its spin, its direction, its angle to reality, in short, he knew everything. He could go anywhere.


Every single Terra in existence was open to him now. If he could think of it, he could get to it.


He was vaguely aware of the boy’s mind screaming in terror, shouting something into the ether. At that point, Drat couldn’t care less.


I Called the Storm for him. And then I realised what a monumentally stupid thing I’d done. I had used the Sight to summon a Black Hole.

Then the Storm, or Hole, or whatever you wanted to call it, had us in its grasp, and he was just struck dumb. He was just paralysed. So I changed our positions relative to reality, and suddenly, we were in the middle, and then, we were somewhere else.

Hell’s bells.

He had frozen, like some rookie out on his first mission, and even worse, the boy threw both of them into the Storm without so much as a ‘Where are we going?’.

By Valhalla and Odin, he was in a load of horse manure, and he’d-

Why was he thinking like some hero?

Where had the boy taken them?

its not too bad, but i have to start shortening the lengths of the bits. I was listening to the star wars theme as i wrote this, just for that extra boost. hopefully it worked


Anonymous said...

this was as entertaining as the rest of the posts in the series. great work. really waiting fo rthe next part ...

aandthirtyeights said...

Oye, this static background image is making readability zarra issue! Especially, the stuff in the sidebar.

(Loving the series, btw)

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fixed it, but still trying to figure out how to get a ful background pic

also, thanks!

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see, you've got the rest of the code right. Just have to find a pic that's of large enough resolution. What you should do is find some pic on your comp, upload it on imageshack or photobucket and then use that link as the background...