Thursday, 10 January 2008

in rushdie's haroun and the seas of stories, a book i like very much, there is a part, in the middle of the book, just after his mother leaves, where haroun's father can't tell stories anymore. he opens his mouth and all that comes out is 'arkk'.

well, i cant process, either...
i just can't write any more.
why the #^$& is this?
i can't even write bad poetry about how i can't write anything.
i need to do some thing before complete creative breakdown.
my fountain of creativity has not only come across a drought, there is no rain water harvesting that is happening. i can attribute this to, say, the fact that im not reading as much, simply because the volume of books in the house has plummeted. i can attribute this to any number of half million excuses, but it won't make it go away.
so im left with one question.


at least some writing has happened.
my blog isn't dead yet.

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aandthirtyeights said...

its called writers block - even shakespeare went through it!

incidentlly, the word verification is "mmylg" - mayamalavagowla.