Saturday, 24 November 2007

i feel like im in space, and no one can hear me scream.
this is not necessarily a bad thing, since no one can see me run naked in the rain, either.
but since no one can hear me scream, i might as well get it over with.


bgsu_gc said...

Screaming in space is a particularly ineffective and futile gesture.

And there is no rain in space. Unless you count protoplanetary debris and charged particles as 'rain'.

Is this what the kids do these days instead of keeping journals? Blog?


s said...

i guess.... when i have nothing better to do , which happens a lot these days....

Prabha Mohan said...


but before that, let me tell you the story of emperors new clothes... "once upon a time.... "
ah well.. you are better of thinking i cant see u run naked in the rain. :P