Thursday, 18 October 2007

mi having really strange dreams, and its getting to me

ok then,

why the heck would
someone actually wake up
on a monday morning, knowing
that there is a whole
week of school just waiting to

or wake up even
on a saturday morning,
knowing that there's
just a whole day to waste
and you'll feel terribly
at the end of it.

the discovery has been made,
the inspiration has been found,
(i'm running out of metaphors here)
the whatever it is has happened,
but there's always sleep at the end of it...
so whats the point?


Sharan said...

soumi! good blog! I somehow never got down to actually commenting. very bad of me, i know. but believe me, this blog is bookmarked-- i vist it every week! read all posts (some even more than once)! keep writin!

Prabha Mohan said...

which is why sunday
is the worst day of my life
cos then comes monday
when I have to drive
bumper to bumper
on the road to work
grumbling and aware that its
gonna be the same thing everyday
tuesday wednesday thursday friday
and on saturday before i welcome the weekend
it is sunday and i am dreading monday.

good work with the blog!

aandthirtyeights said...

My mornings are spent,
Putting up a tent
n' collecting rent,
For Gary Brent.

s said...