Wednesday, 3 October 2007

do you know that awful cringe feeling you get, when you know that some one is going to be late to class, since he's not here yet and he's in school, and everyone knows that this teacher, of all the teachers in the world, is picky about punctuality, and when he comes in, you think oh god, hes deaddddddddddddd and then you realise, you miscounted, and there's some one else who's also late and just has to come in 5 minutes after the teacher has visibly prevented himself from ripping the first guy to shreds, and as he gets started with the second student, you're laughing at his misfortune and rejoicing that you didn't pick that time to be late but are also hoping that the teacher doesn't look your way and you stare at the floor and hope to your very heart that the problem, the teacher or the student disappear, because there is no way in hell that you are ever going to look either of them in the face again.
and there's the other feeling, the one with relief and despair, because though the teacher's finished shouting at someone, you know he's in a bad mood and one wrong move will send you to the pit of doom, and then the most logical part of your brain tells you 'this is just the beginning...' and takes care to emphasize the dots.

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Ananya said...

this i like... it reminds me of something someone in HPS would do... or something that mala did to those who were late to assembly!!!