Tuesday, 11 September 2007

reading through ian mcewan's Atonement, and it is very plotless. what is happening in the book? there are five storylines, fifteen characters and zero plot.
and then suddenly, halfway through the novel, two kids run away and someone hits someone else. i mean what? what what what what what what what the heck?

im reading neil gaiman a lot, which is probably a symptom of home dislocation. he just thinks of the most bizarre plots and characters and effortlessly tells not only the story, but incorporates everything between humor and philosophy into the book. if you get any chances to read any of his novels, grab them. he's even written several comic books, including the sandman, which is about Morpheus, the king of dreams. i bought two (very expensive) collections and i can't stop rereading them.

i realised exactly how sad i am when i had to read sita's blog to find out that the flyover in hyderabad collapsed.

the maths im doing somehow seamlessly alternates between 'i did this years ago' and 'what the heck is this nonsense and how am i supposed to decipher it???'
my physics teachers are bonkers. they teach physics brilliantly, though.
i am now actually doing homework for the first time in my life.

i need more music.
i actually also need more space on my ipod, since there is no space for my new music, whenever it arrives.

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