Friday, 7 September 2007

proof that the human being is stupid part one of a many part series

the tie must be the most crappy idea that the english race, or maybe even humanity as a whole, has ever invented. what kind of person would actually knot and then tighten something that is essentially a rope against his neck, and then consider it a fashion statement? because it has pretty patterns on? first, one buttons that top button, the one that you thought never had any use, and then one seems to attempt to strangle oneself. it looks like we've figured what will kill us, and then backed it off a little bit. i mean, what are we trying to say? that we've managed not to commit suicide? it doesn't even have a function. the shirt and the pant we wear to cover ourselves, the jacket we wear because we feel cold (in theory, at any rate), but the tie?

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srikrishna said...

well... since you asked the question,i looked up wikipedia and found no use of the tie. Tie has several health issues, The only positive thing it does is increases your morale and boost up the how true is that ? :)