Monday, 17 September 2007

part two- soap operas

we have invented what is popularly known as the 'soap opera'. we have decided that one of the most interesting ways to entertain ourselves would be to watch a tv show that admits that it will never end. characters are killed and resurrected, cancer comes and goes like hay fever, relationships begin and end in the flash of a second, but last a lifetime, and by the end of it, there is so much backstory the only way to do anything is to fastforward a few years and hope for the best.
the ages of the characters is impossible to determine. new characters are introduced out of necessity, but how does everyone manage to look so stunning?. to the layman, nothing happens in one episode. a lot seems to be happening, otherwise the people on screen wouldn't be crying so much, but after its over, all that has happened is the ending, which is invariably a cliffhanger.
the question at the end of it is 'what was the point ?'

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bgsu_gc said...

The point, naturally, is that it is point-less.

Soap operas are more honest than any other form of entertainment.

Because they ultimately follow the true path of life is that 99% of everything we mortals do is utterly futile drama.

And only that last 1% ever means anything, and even that often has consequences that we never see or discover.