Wednesday, 19 September 2007

lament of a youth in the modern world

My head is being fried
Im being indoctrinated
into believing that the cut and dried
world out there is not only real
but actually makes sense.

That the exams which are obviously so illogical
that make me so
are actually vital to my success

why am i being made
to mug up facts to
learn by rote, knowledge that will fade
into space once i vomit them onto
a piece of compressed wood pulp.

and the system whose very existence threatens my sanity
one that will gulp
my badly remembered rubbish
and translate it into a percentage,
two digits that will shape the rest of my life

to describe my life at an age,
as a page
which is not only
but also so utterly


When does it ever change,
When and why and who and what,
Iambic Pentameter I was taught,
Remember it now,

I do not.

Jumbled algorithms,
And dreams of epic glory,
Fade with time and pass on.
We are no more,
Than those two stupid digits,
Or that one foul letter,

The world judges,
Us by those things,
Because the world

the reply isn't by me (as you may have guessed by the phenomenal increase in talent)

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